Bullying in schools

Here’s an interesting article on bullying, a topic we're just beginning to introduce into our basic communication textbooks.  Odd that it's taken so long for us to include this considering that it's a communciation activity that has enormous consequences for schools, the workplace, and society in general. This little article focuses on children but the suggestions could just as easily be adapted to workplace bullying or bullying in general. According to a 2011 survey cited here, over 8 million students (12-18 years old) or 32% of all students in that age group reported being bullied in school. The signs to look for, according to this article, are:

Unexplained injuries or property damage

Signs of aversion to school

Difficulty sleeping and/or nightmares

Poor academic performance

Loss of interest in school activities


Self-destructive behavior


Ed said...

When my daughter was in high school, she was
threatened online from someone at school.
She was scared, and at first we
didn't know how to handle it.

But this story has a happy ending:

I compiled all of the things that worked for us
and created a checklist about
how to put an end to bullying here:


Unknown said...

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