Nonverbal communication

Here's another example of this claim that 80% of communication is nonverbal. There is no evidence that this is true and yet it gets repeated probably because it's counter-intuitive (and it is counter-intuitive because it isn't true).
St. Paul Pioneer Press | 06/23/2006 | Watch out, your body's talking


Public Speaking

I thought this was an interesting website; it's the kind of thing that demonstrates very clearly how important public speaking skills are and how fortunate the students taking the course are to get the training while in college.
Public Speaking A Starters Guide - Press Release


Introducing your new significant other

Here's a topic we just never discuss in interpersonal communication textbooks.
MSN Dating & Personals - Meet the kids�

Media Literacy

If you're looking to incorporate media literacy into your human communication course, take a look at this website and especially at the handouts and downloads--I think they're sensational!
Media Education Foundation: Home