New Book on Listening

Here is the TOC for a new book by Sharon Drew Morgen who asked me to post this and to alert readers of this coming book. I'm happy to do so. The book is called What? Did you really say what I think I heard?  The book will be out in December at which time I'll try to post the first chapter.
Foreword 1
Author’s notes 3
Introduction 4
Section 1: How do we hear others? 16
Chapter 1: What do we hear? 17
Chapter 2: How we mishear: the role of filters 23
Chapter 3: The components of communication 36
Chapter 4: Filling in the communication gaps: noticing what’s missing 52
Chapter 5: The elements of a conversation: case study 67
Section 1 summary 82
SECTION 2: How to have conversations without bias or misinterpretation 84
Chapter 6: The skills of conscious choice 85
Chapter 7: What to listen for 109
Chapter 8: Preparing for conversations 123
Chapter 9: Conversations that went wrong 138
Chapter 10: Final thoughts: what good is good communication? 155
Section 2 summary 161
Bibliography 163
Footnotes 168
Acknowledgements 173

Author’s Bio 174

For those with interest in this topic, you can contact Sharon Drew Morgen directly sharondrew@sharondrewmorgen.com.