Here is one list of the top 10 things you can do to communicate more effectively nonverbally.
Psychoworld.sk - human psychology news: Top Nonverbal Communication Tips

E-mail Advice

Some elementary and not so elementary e-mail advice.
E-mail mistakes that make you look bad - Microsoft Products - MSN Tech & Gadgets


Today, in 1791, the National Gazette begins publication.
National Gazette


Some useful suggestions for using PowerPoint.
Public Speaking: Use Visuals for Maximum Impact



Today in 1925, the first television transmission of a moving image which had variations of light and shade was produced by John Logie Baird in London.



An interesting topic. I think I'd present students with a scenario such as this and then ask them to develop a set of principles or guidelines for such disclosures. It also provides an excellent introduction to examining the ways we disclose positive and negative information.
MSN Dating & Personals - Bringing up your bad past…


Intercultural Communication

There's a lot here on intercultural communication.
Alp Icoz, M.A. in TESOL: International Student & Scholar Handbook

Today and Tomorrow

Today, in 1936 Tyrone Power and Loretta Young appear together for the first time in Ladies in Love which premiered in New York City. And tomorrow (October 29), the first ball point pen went on sale in the US at New York's Gimble's Department Store. The pens sold for $12.50; approximately 10,000 were sold on the first day, 1945.

Intercultural Communication

Some interesting stuff on intercultural communication from a somewhat different perspective.
Alp Icoz, M.A. in TESOL: International Student & Scholar Handbook

Intercultural Communication

Some interesting stuff on intercultural communication from a somewhat different perspective.
Alp Icoz, M.A. in TESOL: International Student & Scholar Handbook


Good Advice on Humor

Here's some interesting advice on public speaking and especially humor in public speaking.
Great Public Speaking: Public Speaking: Humor Placement

More on Public Speaking

Again, brief and practical advice on public speaking.
Killing the Seven Deadly Habits

Public Speaking and More

More and more of these commercial sites offer brief, practical, and insightful guides to a variety of communication situations.
Guide to Effective Public Speaking


Today, Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997), American painter and pioneer in the Pop Art movement who often used comic strips as sources for his paintings, is born in New York City.



Jackie Coogan, child star of the 20's (The Kid, Peck's Bad boy) who later turned to television (The Addams Family), is born, 1914.


The Eulogy

It's amazing how public speaking turns up in the oddest places, well perhaps not so odd when you think about it. At any rate, here's an interesting Esquire article on this special occasion speech.
Esquire:Feature Story:How to Give a Eulogy

Shaking Hands

Here is a form of nonverbal communication that most texts ignore. Shaking hands is especially interesting because most people are totally unaware of how their hand shake is perceived.
Influence: The Art of the Handshake - MSN Lifestyle: Men


Today, in 1858, William Henry Seward (1801-1872) delivered his famous "The Irrepressible Conflict" speech in Rochester, New York.


Cheating, the other half

Here's a companion piece to round out the cheating discussion.
MSN Dating & Personals - “Why I cheated”: Women fess up


Today, in 1897, "Yellow Kid," the first comic strip appears in the supplement to the New York Journal.


Always a good subject to create lots of animated discussion.
MSN Dating & Personals - Men reveal: “Why I cheated”


Public Speaking

An interesting look at Public Speaking and a quotation from President Ford that I hadn't seen before.
The Things That Stop Most People Presenting in Public & How to Overcome Them | Best Syndication


Today, in 1950, Al Jolson, singer and star of The Jazz Singer, dies. The Jazz Singer was the first full length "talkie" and opened in 1927. In 1953 Danny Thomas starred in a remake and in 1980 Neil Diamond did another remake.



Today, in 1845 Paris, Sarah Bernardt is born.



Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet and literary and rhetorical critic, is born, 1772.



Today, in 1884, Bela Lugosi, Hollywood horror film star, most famous for his portrayal of Dracula, is born in Lugos, Hungary. And today you'll find lots of Lugosi movies on TV.



Today, in 1745, Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels, dies.


Today in History

Today, in 1926 Chuck Berry, songwriter and singer who greatly influenced the development of rock and roll--especially with his first record ("Maybellene")--is born.

PowerPoint: when it's too much

An interesting Q&A on public speaking.
Give a great speech: public speaking tips - Oct. 18, 2006

Networking and IPC

An interesting take on networking and interpersonal communication.
The Rising Nepal


Decoding dating messages

Here is a sure discussion starter for talking about messages, differences between content and relationship messages, deep and surface listening, connotation and denotation, and a host of other concepts we discuss in human and interpersonal communication.
MSN Dating & Personals - 8 common dating lines—decoded

Nonverbal Advice

Here's some useful nonverbal advice.
MSN Careers - The Interview: Body Language Do's and Don'ts - Career Advice Article


Nonverbal Lecture

If you're in the neighborhood. Knapp always gives a great presentation.
Emporia State University - News and Events Archive


Public Speaking and Power Point

Here are some useful ideas for giving a speech with PowerPoint.
Public Speaking: Use Visuals for Maximum Impact


Public Speaking online

It continues to amaze me how big a business public speaking instruction is. It's a good indication of how important business leaders think public speaking mastery is.