Nonverbal Communication

Here's an interesting little pop piece on nonverbal messages. It repeats the belief that 80 percent of a message comes from the nonverbal--a belief for which I know of no evidence. It makes good copy but is probably far from the truth. The impact of a message depends largely on the message itself and blanket percentages are simply inadequate.
Kansas City Star | 05/29/2006 | Body lingoO


interpersonal conflict

I thought this was interesting, not only for the content but as an indication that what we teach in interpersonal communication has relevance just about anywhere.


The Speaking Channel Home Page

Looks like this would be an interesting ancillary for any public speaking course and textbook.
The Speaking Channel Home Page

Dress Codes

Should prove interesting in a nonverbal unit on dress.
Oconomowoc Focus


Public Speaking

An interesting take on a class in public speaking.
LA Weekly

Teaching Online

Online and Face-to-Face Teaching
Do Profs Enjoy Teaching Online? - MSN Encarta


TICB 11/e Cover

To clear up some confusion: the copy of TICB 11/e that many received with the Blackberry on the cover is an instructor copy. You can see what the real cover looks like on the back of the book or on this blog. The Blackberry cover was designed to get people's attention and to discourage resale of the examination copy (I think). I hadn't seen it until last week myself. But it wasn't clear that this was not the cover that would appear on student copies. Considering the work that went into the "real" cover--and it's a really attractive one--it's too bad that this was not made clear.


I thought this was interesting.
Most e-mails need an 'emoticonal' rescue (News) - myDNA


Communication training

Still another indication of the importance of communication in getting a job.
Are U.S. Colleges Keeping Up? - MSN Encarta


Nonverbal Communication and Lying

Here's a pop report on a study of lying detection that might be interesting to use in class.
Lying Is Exposed By Micro-Expressions We Can't Control - UB NewsCenter



Nonverbal Communication Research Page

This blog, maintained by Marvin Hecht, is a great place to start your search for nonverbal materials.
Nonverbal Communication Research Page

Interpersonal Communication in Crisis

Thought you might be interested in this; check out the section on interpersonal skills.
Welcome to the Crisis Resource Center at the University of Houston!

Communication Self Test

Here's a ten-item self-test on communication skills--it might make a good introduction to conversation or interpersonal communication generally.
Communication Skills Test - Short


Resume Advice

Here's a brief guide to some common mistakes people make in their resumes and will go well with the interviewing unit in the human communication course.

MSN Careers - Seven Signs It's Time to Toss Your R�sum� - Career Advice Article