Citing a Blog Post



A number of people—most recently a student from Malaysia—have asked how to cite a blog post.  Generally, I think this should do it:
For APA style:

Last name of author, first initial. (Date of publication—year, month, day). Title of blog post. [Web log post]. Retrieved from Blog URL.  

So, if you were citing a recent post from my own blog, it would look like this:

DeVito, J. (2013 April 30). Interviewing exercise. [Web log post].  Retrieved from htpp://tcbdevito.blogspot.com.

Another style manual does it a little differently:

DeVito, J. (2013, April 30). Interviewing exercise. Retrieved from http://tcbdevito.blogspot.com.

For MLA Style:

Author’s last name, first name initial. Title of post. Title of blog. Date post was written. Date post was accessed.

DeVito, J. “Interviewing Exercise.” The Communication Blog. 30 April 2013. 21 May 2013.

Hope this helps.