Politeness in the Workplace: Self-Test

I originally created this self-test on politeness for the revision of Interpersonal Messages but later decided to use a more general (and shorter) self-test for politeness. But, I thought this one might be of use as well, especially for those who want to focus on the workplace.

Test Yourself

How Polite Are You at Work?

Here is a list of statements that refer to polite behavior with special application to the workplace. Indicate the degree to which each statement reflects your own behavior, using the following scale: (1) always, (2) sometimes, (3) about half and half, (4) seldom, and (5) never.

_____ 1.                    I listen attentively to those I supervise, my peers, and my managers.

_____ 2.                    I avoid imposing on others.

_____ 3.                    I compliment others.

_____ 4.                    I avoid strong cologne or other smells that may prove offensive to others.

_____ 5.                    I avoid even the suggestion of sexual harassment.

_____ 6.                    I avoid any suggestion of bullying.

_____ 7.                    I willingly mentor those less experienced than I.

_____ 8.                    I help others in their networking.

_____ 9.                    I avoid language that may prove offensive.

_____ 10.                I avoid bragging and tooting my own horn and act with appropriate modesty.

_____ 11.                I ask questions that show my interest but avoid those that may appear intrusive.

_____ 12.                I contribute readily to groups and teams.

_____ 13.                I express positive attitudes toward others.

_____ 14.                I avoid negative gossip.

_____ 15.                I talk on my phone and in conversations so as not to disturb nearby workers.

_____ 16.                I avoid giving advice unless it’s genuinely desired and then am constructive.

_____ 17.                I am prepared for meetings.

_____ 18.                I am on time for meetings and appointments.

_____ 19.                I share any praise for my accomplishments with others.

_____ 20.                I use appropriate communication channels.

_____ 21.                I avoid spam and information overload.

_____ 22.                I express appreciation when others give me feedback.

_____ 23.                I dress appropriately in terms of organizational norms.

_____ 24.                I respect office property.

_____ 25.                I avoid stereotyping in my workplace communication.

How did you do? As you can see these characteristics of politeness are also the characteristics of effective workplace communication. Add up your scores; they should total between 25 (indicating extreme politeness) and 125 (indicating extreme impoliteness).

What will you do? Consider if any of the behaviors that you rate 3, 4, or 5 are creating problems for you. If so, how might you go about changing your behavior?

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Anonymous said...

I got a score of 36. This doesn't surprise me because im quite polite(: