Mentoring:Dos and Don'ts

Here’s an insightful article on mentoring by Michele Lent Hirsch in the August 2011 issue of Psychology Today. Among the suggestions made are these:

1.      Select mentors with clout and power.

2.      Select multiple mentors; this will ensure that if something goes wrong with one person, there’ll be someone else you can rely on.

3.      Be appropriately grateful; communicate your thanks.

4.      Don’t use your mentor as a psychiatrist.

5.      Don’t allow your mentor to dictate that you do anything unethical or to take credit for your accomplishments.

6.      Reach beyond any formal mentorship program.

7.      Focus your mentorship search on people who can help you, not necessarily on those who share your ethnicity or religion or are of the same gender.

Better, however, is to read the brief article (unfortunately, not online at this time).

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