If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at the advertisement for Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Web conferencing: the lead is:
Travel is a luxury. Communication is not.


Prince. Huriana said...

I am filled with awe as I travelled, the scenery required no verbal response, I looked and looked there was no need for words at this time.

Hey what did you mean, (context).

Ko: Prince.Huriana; Te Kapuamatotoro-native royal hse.
No: Eastern Institute Of Technology, New Zealand.

maestra said...

In today’s society, with the economy as bad as it is, a lot of companies cannot afford to send their employees half way around the world to have face-to-face business meetings. Sending employees to faraway places is an extremely expensive venture, as the cost of airfares have gone up, hotel rooms are extremely expensive, meals for traveling employees are expensive, and the U.S. dollar is not necessarily fairing all that well in the global market. A company employee traveling may also have to pay for meals for business associates from another company, as a way of getting that other company to do business, or continue to do business, with their own. Yet, communication with these faraway businesses is often essential to the everyday operations of a company in the United States, as many a company’s products and ideas may rely on the products and ideas of those in other companies. So, when face-to-face meetings are not feasible because of distance and/or expense, these meetings may still need to take place for a company to continue to thrive. On a broader scale, which encompasses all communication and not just business communication, communication is still a necessity. One cannot go a day, or even a minute, without communicating, yet one can go years or even decades without the luxury of travel. With luxury, there is money involved. With communication, there is not. You may have to be rich, or of a certain financial status, to be able to travel. You do not have to have any money to be able to communicate. As social beings, we communicate continually, either with ourselves, or with others. Money is never an issue.