Training for Teens

Here is an interesting development I've been made aware of only recently. It's a plan to establish centers for teens to help them in a variety of ways. Here is just a little blurb with a link to more information. The possibilities for communication skills training seems a natural here.

O2 MAX does fitness training and nutrition counseling exclusively for teens. Next month they will open their first ‘fitness
hub’ at the Spectrum Club in Manhattan Beach, a pioneering break‐thru at the adults‐only facility. O2 MAX @ Spectrum
will be a “third space” destination for teens that combines fitness with key elements in their daily lives – music,
technology and social networking. In addition there will be a homework Lounge and onsite tutoring by The Princeton
Review. To learn more, visit the O2 MAX homepage at http://www.o2maxfitness.com.

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