The Interpersonal Communication Book

I'm beginning to revise The Interpersonal Communication Book for the 12th edition. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Are there topics not included that you feel should be? Are there topics that are included that you can just as easily do without? Are there features of the text that you particularly like? Are there features that you don't like? What worked well in your class? What didn't work well? In short, I'd appreciate any thoughts you'd care to share--from design to my coverage of theoretical issues or skills.

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Dr. Burnside said...

Hi Joe,

I've used your book, and the students really seemed to enjoy it. I think it's great that you're testing out the power of blogs. Certainly the impact of all of these emerging communication technologies impacts our study of interpersonal communication. I'll check back to see how things develop here. Good luck with your revisions.