The Nonverbal Communication Workbook

I now have the copyright to The Nonverbal Communication Workbook, a book I published some time ago. Though much has changed in the field of nonverbal communication, the introductory essays and the exercises seem still valid; they need to be supplemented by more recent research and theory. Michael Hecht of Penn State and I are planning to do a revision of this but are not sure just when it will be completed.
In the meantime, should anyone wish to use this workbook in teaching a course or unit on nonverbal communication, please feel free to do so. You may use the book in whole or in part for any educational purpose you’d like without charge (except that you’ll have to have it photocopied and I don’t have any spare copies, unfortunately) and without any further specific permission. I would ask that you acknowledge where the material came from with a note something like this:
Used by permission of the author, Joseph A. DeVito, The Nonverbal Communication Workbook.

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