Intercultural communication Taboos

Here's a great little article on intercultural communication with some excellent contemporary examples of the problems that can be created when a person from one culture violates the rules of another. The print article contained a great 4-part graphic: Physical contact such as shaking hands between men and women in public is taboo in Vietnam. Holding up your hand with the palm facing outward is offensive to Greeks--so watch out when you're hailing a cab in Greece. Putting a business card in your back pocket when you're the giver of the card is disrespectful in Japan. The thumbs up sign is considered obscene in Egypt. Unlike most articles cited in textbooks which are based on research, this article draws on intercultural watchers, consultants, and popular writers. It's a good complement. There are lots of excellent examples from recent history, for example,GM renaming it's Buick LaCrosse for a Canadian audience (since LaCrosse is slang for masturbation).


Cynthia L. Landrum said...

There does not appear to be a link to the article you reference.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the article itself is linked to the title of this post, from what I've seen.