Where is NCA?

Regardless of your political affiliations or leanings, shouldn’t we all be surprised (shocked, disturbed, annoyed, angered—take your pick) at NCA’s silence on the issues of communication ethics and free speech facing the nation today? The failure of the White House to level with the people over the leaking of the name of the covert CIA operative, the prisons of torture, and the “evidence” for “weapons of mass destruction” that led to a war that killed over 2000 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis (with the number rising every day)—to name just a few—surely seem like communication issues. This is not to say that NCA should become a partisan political organization, but shouldn’t we expect the National Communication Association to have something to say about the need for open, free, and truthful communication (and the current lack of such communication) with particular reference to these issues that newspapers, news magazines, and even Jay Leno address daily? Where is NCA?

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