What's in a Name

It’s always difficult selecting names for hypothetical characters in a textbook so for the “Developing Strategies” marginal notes in Essential Elements of Public Speaking 2—which you may have already noticed—I selected names from television shows: Chapters and shows: 1= Becker, 2 = Law and Order, 3 = My Wife and Kids, 4 = The District, 5 = Desperate Housewives, 6 = 24, 7 = CSI Miami, 8 = George Lopez, 9 = Taxi (I had to include this one because of Danny DeVito, though no relation), 10 = Joan of Arcadia, 11 = Monk, and 12 = Cold Case. While I tried to select different types of shows, I didn’t try to match the public speaking task with the characters in any way—it was totally random. If anyone has a better idea of how to select names, please let me know.

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