Nonverbal Cues to Lying

Here’s an interesting article on lying and the nonverbal cues that often (but, not always) reveal that a person is, in fact, lying. The author correctly points out that the first thing one needs to know is how the person behaves normally—what we call establishing a baseline of behavior. Deviations from this baseline are the most revealing. Here are the 11 signs. 
1. Liars change their head position more than truth-tellers
2. Liars' breathing changes
3. Liars stand still
4. Liars repeat words and phrases
5. Liars provide more information than needed
6. Liars touch or cover their mouth
7. Liars cover vulnerable body parts
8. Liars shuffle their feet
9. Liars find it difficult to speak
10. Liars stare without blinking
11. Liars point a lot


Anonymous said...

Make up your mind Liars stand still; Liars shuffle their feet? What about Liars write lists of made up stats?

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I have read this article, good one..