Politeness for Children

Here's a great little piece on politeness for children http://www.hireananny.org/blog/proper-etiquette-rules-for-any-child-perhaps-yours sent to me by the marketing department of "Hire a Nanny." Discussed here are politeness suggestions for dining, phone etiquette, conversation, using politeness expressions, talking "nicely," and showing gratitude. Not surprisingly, these are the same topics discussed for politeness in general.

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caitscaf said...

This is a great blog entry! I was a lifeguard for four years and it is ridiculous how disrespectful children can be. Why do we have Super Nanny shows? Can't parents take care of their unruly children on their own?
I think discipline is rarely practiced anymore, which is true even with my five-year-old cousin who runs around like a chicken with its head cut off all the time. I was raised by parents who never let me out of their sight and taught me proper respect for adults and my peers.
Maybe parents are too caught up in their jobs nowadays or maybe they just don't see it as a problem, but I'm really glad I found this blog entry. I will raise my children like my parents raised me, in accordance with the link on this blog.