College Rankings

If you’re concerned with college rankings (or Car and Driver's comparisons), take a look at Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Order of Things” (New Yorker, February 14 & 21, 2011, pp. 68-75). I think he successfully demonstrates, as he concludes: “Who comes out on top, in any ranking system, is really about who is doing the ranking.”


goodsha said...

this is a great post. it's amazing how we don't pay much attention to communication which is the basis of a good life,society and productive organization. i did enjoy your views, very interesting

ngreenberg said...


I could not agree more, and wanted to show you this innovative tool we have designed for helping "rank" schools. Instead of providing a generic rank, we let the student decide what matters to them (i.e. acceptance rate, employment after graduation rate, size, etc.) and then show which schools fit their preferences.

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