Cyberflirting etc

Here is a startling statistic from a survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and reported in The Week magazine (December 17, 2010, p. 8): 20 percent of divorces filed involved cyber flirting and affairs arising from Facebook messages. I checked the website (www.aaml.org) and couldn’t find exactly that statistic but I did discover there a wealth of material on the role of cyber flirting and e-communication generally and their impact on interpersonal (mainly romantic) relationships.


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that is so sad that social media has such a disgusting role in the marital life of two human being. Even i have read many article which explain how the social media ruin a healthy relationship. that is sad after all

Devon Fowler said...

Social media can cause several problems in a relationship. Many people do not care as much about what they post online because they feel it is better than saying it out loud. This is untrue. However, social media is not causing diverse, but the people themselves are. If you are cyberflirting with someone online then you were not interested in the relationship in the first place.