Deception Detection

If you’re teaching or studying nonverbal communication and you haven’t yet seen Lie to Me, the new Fox show, take a look. The heroes (Tim Roth and Kelli Williams)are essentially nonverbal communication experts specializing in deception detection (actually, they say the Dr. Cal role is based on Paul Ekman). Here’s how the Fox website describes the show:

When you itch your chin, wring your hands, scratch your nose or increase your swallowing, DR. CAL LEIGHTMAN knows you're lying. And he doesn't just think so - he knows so. Whether it be family, friends or complete strangers - he knows when they're holding something back. More accurate than any polygraph test, he is a human lie detector.

This would be a great show to use along with any of the books in nonverbal communication, especially perhaps, Mark Knapp's Lying and Deception in Human Interaction or Paul Ekman's Telling Lies. There are also a lot of articles on the web that talk about this series and about lie detection.

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