Not surprisingly most of the reviewers of Essentials of Human Communication and Interpersonal Messages stressed that listening was the skill their students were most in need of. And so in preparation for the new editions, I've been researching listening. Here is the Free Management Library's "listening" offerings. These make a great complement to the academic textbook and may even seem more credible to students:-)


nell said...

hi...what's the difference between a conversationn and dialogue?

JoeDeVito said...

Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably--a conversation is a dialogue; a dialogue is a conversation. But, when "dialogue" is used with "monologue" it refers to a genuine interaction where each person talks and each person listens and responds (as opposed to monologue in which one person does all or most of the talking). Another distinction that's frequently made--although I'm not sure it's worth making--is that a dialogue usually refers to dyadic or two-person communication whereas a conversation can involve a larger group.