If you want a good example of stereotyping and the stupidity it signals, consider the comment of Joseph L. Bruno, NYS senate majority leader, on gay marriage. His opposition, he assures us, should not be taken to mean he doesn’t appreciate the accomplishments of gay people. In fact, he particularly admires their contributions to the arts (New York Times, 6/2/08, B4). This kind of stereotyping is all the more frightening when we realize that Bruno is not only the leader of NYS’s Republican Party but that he is next in line to be Governor of NYS. We can only wonder why he admires other groups that have traditionally been stereotyped. I won’t even begin to speculate. But I think an interesting discussion would result from asking students to consider what someone who stereotypes a la Bruno would admire in groups of which they’re members.


Anonymous said...

I am 37 years old and recently told a new friend that I had been in a sorority in college. The look on her face told it all. She had certain misconceptions about how I was now, based on an organization I was involved with half a life time ago! Yes, I was a party animal at the time. But many people in my sorority were not. I found it amusing because when she told me about her lack of college experiences, and that she had her PhD in Biology, I thought she was a geek! So, I guess we both stereotypes each other! Everybody does it. People are judgmental and they always will be. B.A., M.A. in Communications, NYU alumni

Anonymous said...

Oops, we did it again!