Spitzer’s Speech of Apology, Again

Governor Spitzer—
If you want to apologize, you need to say, in clear and plain language, exactly what you did that you’re apologizing for. This would include every law you violated—for example, the attempt to hide the money trail and the interstate transportation of a prostitute. And, I’d like to know the source of the money you used to pay the call-girl service. I know you’re a multimillionaire but I want to make sure you didn’t use my tax money to pay for your sexual playtime. And I’d like to hear you say that you did in fact break the law and exactly how you violated your oath of office. And you certainly know exactly what these violations were. Of course, I know that by not saying this, you’re protecting yourself against prosecution. But, if you want to apologize, you need to admit what you did.
You also need to explain to the people exactly what you’re going to do to make up for what you’ve done, to repay the citizens of New York State for your betrayal. You and your family are millionaires many times over; you can start making reparations by donating your money to causes that would benefit the very people you betrayed. If you’re really apologetic, you’d want to make substantial reparations to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.
I’d also like to know—though it’s probably not an essential element of the speech of apology—your mindset as you were so vigorously prosecuting prostitution when you yourself were part of it—to at least, it seems, $80,000. I’d like to know where you got the colossal arrogance that told you that you could engage in illegal behavior and at the same time prosecute those who did no more than you were doing. I’d like to hear you say that you deserve no better treatment than you gave to people who committed similar crimes.

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