In most of the interviewing books I've read--including my own little Interviewing Guidebook--the suggestion--either explicit or in the examples--is to keep your employment resume to one page. But, according to today's USA Today snapshot two page resumes are increasing in popularity. For example, in 1996 73% said the preferred length was 1 page but in 2006 only 52% felt this way. And the percentage of those favoring 2 pages increased from 25% in 1996 to 44% in 2006. No distinction was made in this little graphic between hard copy and e-copies but it's obvious that online submissions are increasing and, it's likely, that length would matter a lot less with online resumes due, in part, I assume because the pages won't easily become detached (as they might in hard copy), the find feature would enable a personnel officer to locate crucial information, there is virtually no storage problem, etc.

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