Lectures for Sale

Is this something that's going to become the norm?
Professor gives students the option of purchasing his lectures online - News

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Anonymous said...

I have seen a few teachers offering them for free, though never heard of anyone selling them.

Though I do have an idea for an online resource you could use! I recently purchased your book, Human Communication: The Basic Course, there is a lot of really important information in this book though it is hard to study when searching through pages. Many sites for books offer a great resource for students and teachers alike, which is PowerPoint presentations for each chapter that include all the important information. This would be very helpful when studying for tests after ready over your book chapters.

You could make this free to anyone (which is what my other textbook site does), charge people a fee or offer a code with your books so only people who have bought the book can use it.

I feel this would be a great way to enhance what students can retain from your books!