Detecting a Relationship Fake


Here’s an article from Best Dating Sites that I was asked to consider mentioning. This one is a great classroom discussion generator and concerns the signs of a “fake gentleman”. Here are the signs—see the original article for more on these signs:

  • He always knows exactly what to say
  • He’s never ruffled or agitated
  • He always has an excuse
  • He’s evasive about his past
  • You’ve caught him in a few lies
  • He’s surgically attached to his cellphone
  • He steers the subject away from commitment
  • You’ve never met his friends
  • He’s a little bit too smooth
  • He assumes that you’ll be available on very short notice

Some of these are no doubt accurate as the guests on Maury and the Jerry Springer Show regularly demonstrate.  One problem with lists like this, as I see it, is that it’s often male bashing. I don’t notice a comparable post on the “fake woman”. And, again, if Maury’s and Jerry’s guests are any indication there are fakes in both genders.

Another problem with this is that is encourages a suspicious attitude and approach in relationships which, I suspect, is not always healthy. I’m sure there are many examples where people regret not having been suspicious enough but there are likely to be people whose suspicions ruined a potentially great relationship.  This type of thing also advises the person to assume a deception bias—an assumption that the other person is lying. Assuming a deception bias may be useful to the police officer interrogating a probable suspect but it may not be so useful or productive in interpersonal relationships, especially in the beginning stages of those relationships. It seems we’re programmed to assume a truth bias—we assume that the person we’re talking with is telling the truth; it’s one of the assumptions that make conversation possible and satisfying.

I suspect this type of post will generate lots of ideas, different points of view, and great classroom discussion of gender differences in relationships, the changing landscape of interpersonal relationships, and a variety of other topics we focus on in interpersonal communication.


Anneli Olila said...

Thank you for this fair and reasonable approach. What a refreshing voice.

Kind regards,
Anneli Olila

content writing services said...

You are right there are so many fake relationships and it is an tough job to detect that. I completely agree with you. I get more ideas from this post. Thanks.

Jonathan Trent said...

I agree. It does seem like a lot of these lists are male bashing. I've met plenty of fake females out there, and this list applies to them too!

african woman said...

Thank you for sharing this very informative post!
It really helped a lot. Now I know the signs of such a fake gentleman and I was shocked about it.lol.

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Indeed a very informative topic. Nice post keep it up.

asian dating said...

What a nice information! Thanks for sharing this one. It's really great to know the fake relationships before it can harm someone who is not aware of it. All I can say is be careful always.

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