Botox and Emotions

Here's a brief article on the finding that Botox hinders your ability to read the emotions of others. Of course, it was obvious that Botox will hinder your ability to express emotions facially but not so obvious that it will also hinder your ability to understand the emotions of others. The reasoning assumption is that when someone expresses an emotion, we mimic the emotion ourselves and this helps us understand the emotion being expressed.


Alexis Owmizer said...

Actually, some say that Botox gives patients a poker face. If that is so, then they should try their luck at Poker games while the injections are still in effect. That would give them the upper hand advantage, don't you think? LOL!

Julia said...

@Alexis:)) I agree, poker players should use this in their advantage, but until now I haven't heard about a botox patient winning a poker tournament:))

Besides this, I felt no difference after the botox treatment I had to treat my wrinkles....
The doctor from Skin Vitality told me these are just rumors and there's nothing that can prove botox affects our ability to read others emotions.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it may be true, but It just give a glossy emotions, Thats pretty more naturally good.

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Katie Hallison said...

It can be possible, but on the other hand, we have to take into account our other senses being the ones that read the emotions of other people. In the end, Botox is just another way to slow down our aging process physically, with a few hidden benefits - such as the poker face, perhaps?

Jackie Champion said...

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