Interpersonal Communication throughout the World

Here again, in the second edition of an interpersonal communication text--the name of which I won't mention since my own books compete with this one--is the claim that the "formal study of interpersonal communication occurs almost exclusively in the United States." And then goes on to ask, "Why isn't interpersonal communication studied and taught in other cultures?"
This is simply not true. My evidence for this is the number of translations of my own interpersonal books (and hybrid books which are perhaps one-third devoted to interpersonal) There have been four Chinese editions (of which I'm aware; there may be others), for example, as well as translations into Indonesian, Greek, Czech, and French--and adaptations for Canadian and New Zealand audiences. Further, my interpersonal and hybrid books sell widely in Japan and, in fact, throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia. And my guess is that other textbook authors such as Adler, Beebe, the Gambles, Pearson and Nelson, the Verderbers, and Wood, for example--would have similar stories to tell that would refute this claim that interpersonal communication is only studied in the United States.
Further, consider the very existence of the Pacific and Asian Communication Association and its journal (Human Communication) which, in its call for paper, specifically mentions interpersonal communication. And the Communication Association of Japan has interpersonal communication as one of its major divisions. I could go on but I think the point is made: (as I mentioned in my first post on this bogus claim) the study of interpersonal communication is alive and well throughout the world and is certainly not limited to the United States.

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