Annoying Phrases

Here's an interesting little graphic bit from USAToday--the most annoying phrases in conversation. Here are the five top (from a survey of 938 adults):
"Whatever" 47%
"You know" 25%
"It is what it is" 11%
"Anyway" 7%
"At the end of the day" 2%
It seems an interesting way to introduce verbal messages--their denotations and connotations, cliches, conversational fillers, and lots more.


maestra said...

After describing to a friend, who happens to be a nurse by profession, the pain I was experiencing from a recent sports injury, she replied by saying, “it is what it is.” Her response was not what I expected to hear. Knowing that she is a nurse, I expected her response to be more sympathetic and caring, and even one in which she might offer me some professional suggestions as to how to deal with my injury and pain. But instead, all I received from her was a seemingly cold, uncaring, detached, and empty response.

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Wow, hookahs. A bit of topic.
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me once more said...

Yeah, I know it's spelled "off-topic".
That's what I mean by "mind-dulling"...

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