Just in case you didn't see this. Here's a great quotation on listening:
"[W]e exercise our leadership best when we are listening."
--Barack Obama


cameronsharpe said...

This is the best saying I have ever heard. If we can become best listener then means we can understand humans nature very well along that we can be good friend.

maestra said...

Good leadership, in my opinion, is synonymous with good listening. It doesn’t matter if a leader is a politician in high office, a teacher in a classroom, or a manager or boss in the workplace. A good leader listens empathically (that is, with genuine understanding) to the ideas, viewpoints, and suggestions of those subordinate to him/her. By so doing, he/she is able to resolve conflicts and increase productivity. In the workplace, for example, a boss who emails others, or takes phone calls, while an employee is in his/her office trying to discuss work-related problems is not a good leader. A boss or manager, however, who holds daily, weekly, or monthly meetings to listen to his employees’ suggestions as to how their particular jobs can be done better, or how they can produce more in a shorter amount of time, is a good leader.

Joel Seah said...

Listening is an often neglected communication skill that bears equal or more weight than speaking. Sometimes, there is no need to talk in order to impress others, simply listen more.

Melisa Marzett said...

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