Proposition 8 and the Power of Lies and Misinformation

As an addendum to the post on lying take a look at Brian Normoyle's article on the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brian-normoyle/prop-8-makes-wrong-kind-o_b_142879.html. Normoyle details the stupidity of passing Proposition 8 better than I can so I recommend his article. Clearly, Californians need some training in critical thinking and lie detection.
And it was nice to hear the Terminator say "It's the same as in the 1948 case when blacks and whites were not allowed to marry. This falls into the same category."

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maestra said...

Definitely a good article. Unfortunately, when people believe their religious leaders to be seers, prophets and "revelators," and have been brainwashed by them to believe one way or another, any attempt to train them in critical thinking and lie detection will be futile.