Freedom of Speech (Again)

In today’s USAToday Abraham H. Foxman wants to prevent me and you from hearing certain messages, in this case those by Iranian President Ahmadinejad. But, tomorrow—and this is really the important point—it may be someone else’s messages and the next day someone else’s and on and on. This is an assault on freedom of speech and should not be tolerated. Also today, but in the New York Times, an ad by Freedom Watch Org, asks us to stand up for freedom and deny free speech to those with whom we disagree, again with special reference to President Ahmadinejad. How do we stand up for freedom and deny the right of free speech to those with whom we disagree? Why should Foxman or “Freedom Watch”—and a better example of Orwellian Newspeak would be difficult to find—tell me what messages I may or may not have access to. Why should we allow people like Foxman and Freedom Watch to make decisions for us? The principle of free speech must be upheld, regardless of how much we might disagree with the speaker or with the speaker’s message.

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